i have a lot of favorites when it comes to houses in l.a. having said that, this is one of my favorites. which shouldn’t demean the idea of a ‘favorite’. i mean, isn’t it better to be liberal with labeling things ‘favorites’ rather than stingy with approval and appreciation? or maybe i’m just lazy and i need a better word than favorite.

i want to find out more about this house, but here’s what i know:

  • it was built in the 20’s.
  • it’s almost completely hidden by vines and trees and plants and more vines.
  • the rolling stones stayed here when they were finishing ‘exile on main street’.
  • marilyn manson lived here for a while.
  • lots of other people have lived here.
  • it’s built around a very tall central spiral staircase.
  • it probably has a storied (no pun intended) past, but i don’t know anything more than what i’ve written here.

i mean, i assume that in the 20’s and 30’s it was home to odd and debauched early movie stars, but that’s only an assumption on my part. an assumption with empirical support, as almost every house in hollywood has been home to odd and debauched movie stars (including my own, thank you very much).

also i’m continually amazed that overgrown estates like this are literally 3 minutes from grimy crumbly hollywood. all of the odd and interesting stuff in l.a is, to a large extent, hidden.

ok, thanks.