ok, i don’t want to name this property so as to protect it’s anonymity. but suffice it to say it’s just about the coolest most fascinating home in all of l.a. and, well, possibly the world.

i mean, in addition to it being an amazing house it also contains a gigantic theater from 1930 in the backyard. and a stream. there’s a stream in hollywood? yes, apparently there’s a stream in hollywood. who knew? i didn’t, clearly.

i love this place. and it’s magic theater and stream and giant plants. i hope the pictures somehow indicate just how amazing this home/place/wormhole/brigadoon/property is. and yes, there’s a skeleton hanging in the trees. and yes, there’s a bunny in a skull mask and fez.



p.s-find the wizard.
p.p.s-yes, this is a blog about architecture. well, broadly speaking.