ok, first off: congratulations to eric garcetti and all of the people who worked on his campaign.

it was an odd mayoral election (i say as a new angeleno), as it involved: 2 smart and progressive democrats who were very good friends before running against each other.

normally an election is a campaign between polar opposites, like obama v. romney.  this election was a campaign between two friends who, for the most part, agreed on most of the issues.

and moving on to buildings. or a building.

i drive by this perfect little mid-century house almost every day, and i’m always struck by:

  1. how nice it is (yes, completely subjective criteria.  i mean, ‘nice’? that’s the best i can do?  apparently: yes).
  2. how lofty (literally) it is, as it’s built up above the street so as to have great views of everything.
  3. how there are so many reasonably compelling mid-century houses in l.a that it’s possible to drive by one every day and barely recognize how nice it is. 

as per usual: i know nothing about this house other than that it’s in my neighborhood and it’s really nice and it probably has amazing views. and that l.a is an endlessly byzantine laboratory for modernism, in all of it’s good and bad and other forms. i would consider this house to be modernism in it’s good form(s).

maybe i’ll go out tomorrow and find some less benign examples of contemporary architecture in l.a.

and again, happy new mayor day.