ok, i’m a little bit ashamed.

see, the other night i was invited to john lautner’s sheats-goldstein house.  and, unfortunately, i didn’t bring my good camera. mea culpa.

so, unfortunately, i couldn’t take pictures worthy of such a strange and beautiful and iconic house.
but i took pictures.  not great pictures.  but pictures.

i mean, the truth is that it’s a house/property that’s been documented thousands of times, usually by photographers with good cameras and the time to do the property justice.

i was at a party, it was crowded, and i basically had an old point and shoot digital camera.

but enough excuses, here are some pictures of the sheats-goldstein house, including the new tennis court which actually seems more like a landing pad for benign alien space ships.



ps-you could always do a google image search of ‘sheats goldstein house’ to see daytime pictures of the house as taken with a good camera..