ok, i want to write something insightful and germane and erudite about this crazy plant covered house.
but instead i’ll just write that it’s a crazy plant covered house hidden in plain sight in the middle of hollywood in the shadow of paramount.
and it reminded me that if you come to l.a and see only banal beige buildings then you’re not looking hard enough.
there are countless treasures hidden throughout l.a (especially in weird old hollywood), but you have to make an effort to find them.
see, going to nyc and finding the empire state building is easy.
going to london and finding big ben is easy.
but coming to hollywood and finding completely odd and baffling old estates that are completely covered in vines and plants and trees, like some residential angkor wat, is trickier.
but they’re everywhere. you just have to look.
it’s almost as if hollywood presents this banal facade to the people who give it a passing glance, but it reveals phenomenally odd and interesting details to anyone who’s willing to take the time to look closer.
i love this odd angkor wat-y vine covered crazy house, sitting on a random side street in hollywood, just waiting for anyone to notice it.



p.s-oh, and don’t be fooled, even the banal beige buildings have odd and byzantine details and histories and secrets.

p.p.s-the photos here that look like photos of plants are actually photos of the house. literally the house is almost completely covered by and obscured by trees and plants and vines. i think it’s mini hogwarts in southern california.