hold on, i’m checking to see, yes, obama’s still president.
and alan west lost his re-count battle.
every now and then i just need to check in and make sure that the united states is still functioning with a temporary reprieve from atavistic tea party koch funded insanity.

in other news: here’s a house.
amidst the at times unrelenting sea of beige you find odd little gems like this odd little gem.
it’s a vaguely futuristic vaguely suburban mid century house with some cool little architectural details, but it’s kind of crumbly and seemingly built out of unfuturistic wood.

i especially like the way the house is broken up with the 2nd story box.
in some ways it’s good that the real estate market in l.a isn’t as voracious as london or new york, as there’s almost no incentive for anyone to tear down little mid century houses like this.

oh, and in other news: happy thanksgiving.