ok, you know, possibly, that i love old l.a motels.
and i have this dream of buying an old motel with david lynch and turning it into an art space where each room is it’s own tiny gallery.
here’s hoping.
in the meantime here’s an old l.a motel.

it’s actually not that old (maybe late 50’s? early 60’s?).
and architecturally it’s nothing to write home about.
as far as l.a motel signs go this one is the ne plus ultra, the zenith of l.a motel signs.

a.it’s gigantic.
b.it’s falling apart.
c. it’s amazing.

so, the motel itself just kind of looks like the motel in ‘breaking bad’ where hank teaches walt jr about prostitution.
but the sign is amazing.

and i think the sign is based around a surfboard motif. or a jungle shield.
which is odd as it’s about 30 miles from the beach and about 8,000 miles from the jungle.
oh well.