i’m trying to think of something insightful and/or smart and/or germane about this oddball building.
but all i can come up with is: it’s an oddball modern apartment building that kind of looks like a city skyline and when i drove by it it seemed odd and experimental and i assumed that in most other cities it would either be championed as amazing experimental residential architecture or torn down and replaced with a bank.
and yes, run on sentences. i clearly have some issues with them. like faulkner. except he used them to great effect.
i just use them like a 7 year old who’s had too much sugar.
i wish i had more to say about this building apart from the fact that it ‘s odd and that i like it and that it has a city skyline top which i’m assuming was intentional 60 years ago when it was built.
in other news it’s winter in l.a. meaning: this morning it was 58 degrees. which, yes, is barbaric.
but it’s supposed to go back up to 90 this weekend.
speaking of which: have a nice weekend.