ok, this is an odd one.
a generic and generally unremarkable hollywood apartment house.
so, why am i including it here?
because it seems like a time capsule. well, to me at least.
plus i somehow thought it was photogenic, with the dark blue sky peeking out from behind the hundreds of tiny puffy clouds.
and i have a strange love for l.a architecture that at one point seemed kind of lively and hopeful and over time has suffered the slings and arrows of entropy and mildly benign neglect.
l.a is full of entropy and mildly benign neglect.
most big cities don’t have the space to allow for entropy and benign neglect, but l.a is gigantic and sprawling and as such is in many places a petri dish for entropy and benign neglect.
and as i’ve mentioned before, you never know what’s going on inside of these entropic and mildly neglected places.
old tv stars watching qvc, tattoo artists making orange juice, musicians tuning guitars, armenians reading armenian magazines, mexicans studying for their lsat’s, etc etc.
and now i think i’m rambling.
although most likely i’ve been rambling since i sat down in front of my computer.

oh, i also like that this slice of aging hollywood optimism still has an old-timey tv antenna on the roof.
as always i assume it only LOOKS like an old-timey tv antenna, and that actually it’s an alien transmitter sending information and coordinates to our future alien overlords.