ok, what do i know about these 2 houses.
very little.
to wit:

  1. they’re orange.
  2. see ‘1’.

i’m including them here because i’m impressed that someone would fully commit to not having a beige house.
i mean, it takes a lot of moxie to say ‘i want an orange house. and not just an orange house, but a very bright orange house. and while i’m at it i’m going to build a second orange house. so that i shall have two very bright orange houses.’

so, kudos to you mr/ms orange house designer/builder/haver.
there’s a lot of banal and drab architecture in the world. so why not have more bright orange houses?
but then if there were lots of bright orange houses then these bright orange houses wouldn’t be as special.
also i really like the chromatic simplicity of: orange, green, blue. it’s like nature inspired by sno-cones.

in any case: 2 bright orange houses.