when i first moved to l.a a few years ago i rented a house in hollywood right in the shadow of yamashiro.
what is yamashiro? ok:

yamashiro is a gigantic japanese restaurant perched on a hill overlooking all of everything.
and, to be honest, living in it’s shadow made me a bit morose, as all i wanted to do was go up the hill and sit in yamashiro and eat japanese food and look out at everything but, alas, they don’t have any vegan things on the menu.
or so i was told.
if they in fact do have vegan things on the menu then my morose-ness was just a big habitual waste of time.
aka: story of my life.
architecturally: it’s a gigantic japanese restaurant from the early 20th century. and it’s perched on a hill.
and yes, it does look startlingly like an old japanese space ship that’s landed on a hill in the middle of hollywood.
and yes it is fantastically anachronistic.
but then again everything here is kind of anachronistic.
even the futuristic stuff is anachronistic.
sort of.
my hope is that someday someone will invite me to yamashiro and maybe they’ll have something vegan for me like, perhaps, a tasty napkin or something.
in the meantime i’ll just sit in the parking lot taking pictures.