ok, today’s update is sort of about the absence of architecture.
which sounds pretentious.
but it really is about the absence of architecture.
which might be pretentious.
at least i didn’t write ‘architectural forensics’.
although i guess i just did.

enough self-deprecating caveats:
here’s the story: i was going for a hike and i stumbled upon the ruins of the buckminster fuller house that used to exist in hollywood.
it was torn down ages ago (and possibly shipped to the smithsonian institute?), but for some reason no one else has seen fit to build anything else on the lot where once it stood.
so instead of the buckminster fuller house or a new generic beige suburban house we have a hillside strewn with mid-century
house ruins. and me, the quasi-intrepid creepy architect voyeur, taking pictures.
some of you might know that bucky fuller is one of my heroes. and i’ll be honest, even hanging out in the ruins of his once proud geodesic dome got me kind of excited.

maybe on monday i’ll get back to taking pictures of actual houses rather than their ruins.
but for now here are the ruins of the bucky fuller house in hollywood.
oh, and i’m going to try and include a picture of the bucky fuller house as it was before it was torn down.

to be clear: my pictures are the black & white ones that look like ruins.
the picture that isn’t mine is full color and of the actual house as it once was.