ok, mea culpa, i’ve been an incredibly remiss architectural photographer.
i accept that.
and i hope that you can, too.
this is like our first on-line therapy session.
i feel better already.
next up: let’s start a cult.
i get to be the bald guru who potentially sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber at the bottom of a hole dug by acolytes.
well, and/or possibly not.
in any case: today’s house is banal.
utterly, unrelentingly banal.
pretty, but banal. mundane. nice. pleasant. unremarkable.
but: it’s surrounded by a white picket fence.
which struck me as being odd and interesting, two things that i like.
as here we are in the middle of this baffling megalopolis and people can arbitrarily choose to build anything from any style of any time period and they choose a cute house with a cute lawn and a cute white picket fence.
which is kind of amazing.
again, i apply this criteria for oddness: do other cities of 15,000,000 people have cute little houses surrounded by cute little white picket fences?
allow me to answer for you: no.
so i guess i’m fascinated by the choice behind the white picket fence. to wit: to live in a formerly mexican desert city on the apocalyptic edge of the pacific populated by 15,000,000 or more people from every country on the planet and these (i’m assuming) nice people chose to build a halcyon cute cottage with a white picket fence.
it makes sense. if everything is arbitrary why not take refuge in the quotidian and familiar?
i mean, maybe some situationists and academics would be disappointed, but really, at the end of the day in a vast unknowable dark cipher of a universe why not find some comfort in a pretty cottage and a white picket fence?
perhaps i’ve said too much.

to pad things out i’m also including a picture of my side view mirror looking at the hollywood sign in the distance as i drove down gower going to cafe gratitude to eat lunch and yes i end up with a lot of run on sentences but that’s what you get when you read an unprofessional blog written by a college drop out thank you.


p.s-i mean, seriously, look at the pictures and try to make sense of them as an architectural response to living in a sprawling megalopolis? i stand by my earlier assessment: amazing.