ok, this is a tricky one.
i was walking down a random twisty winding side street in hollywood and i found this fantastic little moorish castle.
unfortunately it was very difficult to take pictures of this fantastic little moorish castle, primarily because it’s completely covered in trees and plants on the sides and back (as a creepy voyeuristic building photographer i of course looked all around for more ways in which to photograph the fantastic little moorish castle).
in any case, here’s a little moorish castle hidden up in the hills.
and i’m feeling guilty about not having more photos of the little moorish castle so i’ve included a couple of other pictures.
one is of my friends kat, reverend jen, and jon ames holding reverend jen jr (the chihuaha, famous from the ‘new york new york video’…)
the other is of some huge beautiful apocalyptic clouds floating over los angeles.
i love all of the oddball old quasi castles hidden in hollywood.
i selfishly wish there were more of them.
they all remind me of ‘sunset blvd’ and ‘citizen kane’.
and ‘hollywood babylon’.
i live in a strange place.