i just got home from seeing sigur ros at the hollywood forever cemetery.
it was amazing; the music and the location and the beautiful randomness of a concert in the grounds of a cemetery.

and, here’s the segue, speaking of randomness…: today’s pictures are of a generic strip mall that most likely at one point was a mosque.
but not just any old mosque, but a mosque with 2 minarets.
and now it’s a strip mall.
and the minarets sit, disused (or so i’m assuming) and succumbing to entropy on top of the world’s most generic strip mall.
it’s also possible that this isn’t the world’s most generic strip mall.
but, all things considered, it’s pretty generic.

did i mention that sigur ros at hollywood forever cemetery was/were amazing?
oh, i did.
i’ll mention it again: it was amazing.
personally my favorite moments were the songs from ‘( )’. but the whole concert was amazing, especially as everyone was sitting down or lying down in the grass underneath the gigantic palm trees and in between some of the oddest funeral statuary on the planet (i’m full of hyperbole tonight).

ok, i hope you like the pictures of the minaretted strip mall.
coming up: an abandoned liquor store that is like a poster child for l.a entropy.

ok, goodnight.