ok, i’m not sure if this qualifies as architecture.
but i’m putting up here on the ye olde oddball architecture blog.
because it’s l.a and clouds are sort of architectural (yes, i’m a hippie, with long, beautiful hair bestrewn with flowers).

simply: i was going for a hike and i saw this gigantic phalanx of thunderclouds heading towards me and i broke out my camera and took a couple of pictures and now i’m posting them because i think they make the clouds look vaguely like an invading army and a run-on sentence thank you.

also i think these pictures are pretty cool. which is, most likely, biased and self-serving, as i’m the one who took them.
in college we decided that ‘titianesque’ was a really horrible pretentious way of describing anything cloud related or otherwise.
so, as i’m really horribly pretentious: i think these clouds are titianesque.
if titian had lived in los feliz.
which he didn’t.
well, as far as i know.
i mean, the mormons believe that jesus hung out in north america with native americans, so who knows what’s real.
maybe titian is currently skateboarding in echo park with armenian rappers.