this weeks best house in l.a.
well, subjectively.
and largely influenced by the fact that i stopped to take pictures of it.
but it’s still a pretty remarkable house.
or riad.

l.a is of course home to a lot of banal, beige, uninspired architecture.
but luckily it’s also filled with odd and amazing beautiful little gems like this house. or riad (p.s-i just learned what a riad is, so i’m trying to use it here to sound vaguely informed).
i’m actually surprised there aren’t more examples of moorish inspired architecture in l.a, as l.a is a desert and moorish architecture evolved in a hot desert and seems to make the most sense in other fairly warm, arid places.
so, i’m surprised there aren’t more riad’s (look who’s trying to sound smart) in l.a.

in any case, this is a beautiful riad (i’ve now used my new favorite word 4 times in the course of about 3 minutes, which is pretty impressive, if i do
say so myself).

i hope you had a nice weekend in your house or riad(5 times).