today’s house is great for a number of different reasons.
to wit:

  1. it’s on a hill surrounded by pine trees.
  2. it’s a beautifully proportioned, rectilinear mid-century house employing some conventional mid-century vernacular elements but utilizing building materials (dark local wood and cinder blocks) that are not traditionally associated with traditional mid-century architecture.
  3. it kind of reminds me of the brady bunch house if the brady’s had been architects with only one or two children.
  4. the building materials are heavy and clunky but the overall result is a house that fits almost effortlessly into it’s environment.
  5. not to be too hyperbolic, but it reminds me of some of the iconic houses of 20th century architecture, like the farnsworth house and the glass house, but perched on a hill in the desert and surrounded by big pine trees.

one thing i’ve learned: it’s kind of hard to take good architectural pictures when you’re looking up at a house on a hill.
hopefully i’ve learned other things, as well, but that’s one thing i’ve learned.
ok, more later.