someday you (well, in this case ‘i’) take pictures of iconic and/or pretty and/or interesting buildings.
and some days you (again: ‘i’) take pictures of boxes.
i’ll be honest there’s not much that i like about this box of a building from an architectural perspective.
it’s a box (or, technically, a composite of boxes).
not a bad box, not a particularly good box, just a box.
maybe it has a few interesting lines. but, essentially, it’s a box(es).
what i do like about it is that it radiates a sort of sun-baked desolation that reminds me of de chirico’s surrealist period metaphysical paintings.
when i was in high school i fell in love with de chirico’s metaphysical paintings, not even so much for their surrealist meta-meaning, but rather for their proportions and their sense of contrast and space.
and today’s box of a building has a really satisfying sense of desolation, contrast, and space.
maybe it’s filled with people doing lots of interesting things, but from the outside it looks like the brightly lit end of the world.
so, that’s what i have today: a brightly lit desolate box baking in the, in this case unforgiving, l.a sunshine.

oh here’s a link to de chirico’s metaphysical paintings if you’re not familiar with them:

i hope you had a nice weekend.