a few things.

1-i’m heading to nyc and london and then nyc again, so i won’t have any l.a architecture weirdness & randomness for a while.


2-this house. i was walking down a side street in hollywood (near paramount studios, kind of right near the thick of things) and i came upon this, uh, house.
at least i think it’s a house.
i’m pretty sure there’s a functioning house in there. somewhere.
behind the decades of overgrown crazy tropical plants.
i love that this is the center of a huge megalopolis and there’s a shotgun shack completely covered in vines and banana palms.
in my fantasy this is either where boo radley lives, or maybe the egg lady from pink flamingoes. or howard hughes.
or maybe jim morrison lives here, and he comes out at night and walks around the neighborhood feeding the feral cats and picking up cans and bottles for recycling.
i love when architecture succumbs to entropy, even if it’s plant-based entropy. and i love when architecture succumbs to entropy and neglect in the middle of a megalopolis.
i mean, i’ve asked it before, i’ll ask it again, is there another gigantic megalopolis with falling down shotgun shacks hidden behind walls of overgrown oddball plants?
in manhattan this would be a bottega venneta. if that’s how you spell it.
here it’s just an overgrown entropic house where jim morrison lives with his feral cats.
ok, talk to you soon.