ok, truth be told i’m a little embarrassed by today’s architectural blog entry.
well, i’m ok writing about/talking about buildings that are decrepit or odd or relevant or historic or ironic or iconic or baffling.
but todays house/building is just, simply, really nice.
pretty, even.
and when do you ever hear anyone use ‘pretty’ as valid, serious, aesthetic criterion for judging a house?
answer: never.
but, well, this is a pretty house.
i mean, it’s incongruous, as it’s a beautiful pallazzo in the middle of the southern californian desert.
but i can’t even try to shoe-horn this house in using other criteria other than, simply: it’s pretty.
and it looks like a nice place to live.
and the grass is green.
maybe i’m a simpleton, but every now and then i think it’s ok to simply stand back in appreciation of something and say, ‘huh, that’s nice.’
so, thanks for indulging my simple-ness.

p.s-also, i’ll be honest, the house was way prettier in person than it is in the photos. mea culpa.