ok, this architectural update is comprised of a lot of pictures.
because today i went to the best place in l.a: mt wilson observatory.
and if, possibly, i’ve labeled other places as the best places in l.a, well, at the time they were.
and they might be again.
but today the best place in l.a, at least according to me, is mt wilson observatory.

the pictures i’ve included are black and white and color and are of:

  • the 100 inch telescope
  • the 60 inch telescope
  • a telescope on top of a gigantic tower
  • a strange ceramic pegasus that someone left on top of a post
  • trees & mountains
  • more pictures of the 100 inch telescope

and i think that’s it.

the housing for the 100 inch telescope is really the most amazing and visually striking (probably cos it’s the biggest) part of mt wilson.
even though it’s kind of old it still looks like the future.
or at least the future that i grew up loving and revering (filled with scientists and benevolent robots, as opposed to 4 year olds drinking mountain dew playing angry birds in the back of a mini-van).

oh, to put it in context: mt wilson observatory is an observatory at the top of mt wilson, located in the million acre angeles national forest, about an hour from where i live.
there, now you know everything.


p.s - oh, i included some graffiti of native americans and flying reindeer and a giant bird.