welcome home.
well, i’m saying that to myself.
for the last couple of weeks i’ve been in new york and colorado, and now i’m back in megalopoliptic los angeles.

i’ll put up some odd (and hopefully interesting) architecture photos tomorrow, but for today i wanted to put up a quadryptych (i’m inventing words, probably because i’m tired) of the american west from aspen to los angeles.
see, the east coast of america is nice. i grew up there. it’s small and cute and generally kind of charming in a small and cute way.
and the mid-west of america is big and flat and filled with corn. which is nice. i mean, who doesn’t like corn?
but the american west (rocky mountains and west) is just huge. and vast. and, for the most part, empty and otherworldly.
the east coast, where i grew up, is filled with people, pretty much from boston down to key west. there are some nice empty bits (like, say, maine). but for the most part it’s pretty crowded. pretty, but crowded.
and then you come out west and there’s just space and emptiness and more space and more emptiness (ok, there are crowded bits here, too. like, say, southern california, but generally it’s pretty empty).
and even the crowded bits are all about an inch away from vast stretches of emptiness (my house is a 30 minute drive from 2,000,000 acres of state park, for example. and then beyond that: desert for a few thousand miles).

so here are 4 pictures of: colorado, utah, california, and los angeles, all taken within a span of about 90 minutes (thanks to the modern miracle of air travel).
back to buildings tomorrow.

i hope you had a nice weekend.