one of the greatest places in hollywood is the barnsdall art park.
it has an iconic frank lloyd wright house building, a bunch of stately pine trees, a beautiful art museum, a theater, and this odd little outlier building.
this odd little outlier building even has a plaque. it says ‘arts and crafts house’.
which, really, says very little about the house, as it’s not even really an arts and crafts house.
so, me being captain ignorant, i don’t know if it was designed by frank lloyd wright or not.
i looks sort of like frank lloyd wright and schindler got together and made a nice house, but i’m assuming that’s not actually what happened.
is it a frank lloyd wright house?
what is it?
even the nice barnsdall art park web site doesn’t have any information about it, which is kind of a shame as it’s a beautiful little house, even if it’s kind of falling apart.
i’m also including a view from the oddball little maybe-frank-lloyd-wright-designed-it house, as it’s a really nice view and it somehow makes los feliz and bits of hollywood look the little villages they must’ve been in 1923. or so i’m guessing.
and maybe if i’m lucky i’ll find out who actually designed this little beauty of a house and maybe if i’m even luckier they’ll fix it up, as it’s really not in the greatest shape.

ok, thanks