have you seen ‘sunset boulevard’?

(the movie, not the street).
it’s arguably one of the greatest movies ever made, primarily about a silent film star living in a decaying mansion on sunset blvd.
i mention it, as l.a is still possessed of a bunch of old, faded mansion/castles.
and i wouldn’t describe todays house(as in: the house i took pictures of today) as a mansion/castle, but it’s still got a lot of greatness in common with norma desmond’s mansion/castle in sunset blvd. 
and today i actually got to go indoors, so i could see this fantastic decaying silent film star house from the inside.
parts of it have been maintained, and parts of it are fantastically strange and decrepit, as you’ll see in the pictures.
the strange basement rooms were my favorites, especially the dark moldy carpet room that looks like a part of the black lodge where bob and mike lived above a convenience store.
to quote mike:
Through the darkness of future’s past
the magician longs to see. 
One chance out between two worlds.
Fire walk with me.