ok, today is an odd maayan art deco bunker that i know nothing about.
or, to keep my grandmother happy and employ good syntax, about which i know nothing.
i was walking down a little side street in hollywood, one of those random streets filled with beautiful houses that’s 10 feet away from the banal squalor of sunset (the street, not the actual setting of the sun) and i saw this completely odd but interesting little maayan art deco bunker.
i wish i’d been able to get better pictures, but these will have to suffice.
i was going to sneak around back and take pictures, but as i’ve stated previously: my love for taking pictures of odd houses isn’t strong enough to lead me to going to jail or getting shot.
so, odd maayan art deco bunker.
and no, i don’t really know how to spell ‘maayan’.
which is potentially a liability in discussing the end of the world according the maayan calender.
i hope the maayan’s don’t punish me for my ignorance.