it’s late, so i’m not going to write much.

but here.  are.  randomly:

4 pictures of

1-a perfect, beautiful moorish jungle house looming above a jungly hillside.  it’s just about my favorite house in my neighborhood.  i could say more, but it’s just a beautiful, perfect, looming, tall, moorish jungle house.  again, it’s late and my inner grad student has already gone to sleep.  mea culpa.

2-an empty street that looks like it’s 2 seconds away from being filled with zombies.

3-a box of a house that makes no sense to me, with it’s corinthian columns and chippendale door thingy and mustard walls and boxy windows and etc and etc.  i’m not maligning it, it’s just a box of a house that makes no sense to me.

ok, i hope you have a good weekend.