there’s an odd area on the border of hollywood and silverlake, where beverly sort of turns into silverlake blvd, mainly populated by single story strip malls.  and then in the middle of this odd unnamed area is this amazing fortress behemoth, looming over the pupuserias.
it kind of breaks my heart that this huge monolith is being misused as a storage facility, but luckily it wasn’t torn down and turned into nail salons and a video rental store (not to malign nail salons and video rental stores, i just like weird early 20th century monoliths more).
i harbor a hope that tim burton will buy it and turn it into something, maybe a new place for edward scissorhands to live.
oh, as i was taking these pictures a man eating his dinner on the sidewalk said, ‘that’s a big beautiful building, huh.’

well said.