so, last week i was driving to our nbc tonight show rehearsal and i drove by what looked like the scene of a brutal alien attack on our planet-wide defense and communication systems.
i’m assuming that it was actually just a broadcast center being torn down to make room for a wal-mart, but the dystopian, entropic, futuristic destruction appealed to the stunted, adolescent sci-fan in me.
so i stopped and took pictures.
for some reason (maybe because they’re cool) i’ve always loved demolition sites.
and in this case i especially love what’s happened as it looks, as i mentioned, like the aftermath of an alien attack.
i could put on a highbrow hat and say that i love the aesthetics of specific utilitarian objects when they’re unintentionally repurposed (like, say, busted up old satellite dishes). or i could just say that a bunch of huge, old, busted up satellite dishes behind a barbed wire fence look dystopian and amazing, and that they are, accidentally, architecture, in that they define and contribute to the odd urban environment of l.a.
and that last sentence was, in fact, a long and unnecessary run-on sentence.
oh, i’m including lots of pictures of the busted up gigantic satellite dishes because they looked so amazing.