ok, 2 pictures of a house and 1 not-so-good picture of a parking lot.
first, the house.
i assume that this house is quasi-abandoned, which would explain why it looks like a mini version of norma desmond’s house in ‘sunset blvd’.
if you’ve never seen ‘sunset blvd’ then you owe it to yourself to go out and rent or buy ‘sunset blvd’, as it’s one of the greatest movies ever made about l.a.
ok, let me re-state that, it actually is the greatest movie ever made about l.a.
and this little house on the hill in it’s state of entropic desolation kind of reminds me of norma desmond’s house, but at about 1/100th the scale/size, and minus the dead monkey in the bedroom and the rats in the swimming pool.
although it might have both, i didn’t really get close enough to check.
and then, the parking lot.
if for some reason you’ve seen my book ‘destroyed’ you might be aware of the fact that i have a strange and inexplicable love of/for empty parking lots.
and i especially like this empty parking lot, as:

  1. it’s big 
  2. it’s in the middle of hollywood 
  3. it has, for some reason, a perfect palm tree growing up through the dilapidated concrete.

and lone palm trees remind me of the album ‘miami’ by the gun club, which is a great album.
in fact, lots of dilapidated hollywood reminds me of the gun club. in a good way.
ok, i’m rambling, it’s 2a.m sunday night and i have to go to bed.
here’s mini-normal desmond house and a perfect abandoned parking lot.
i hope you had a good weekend.

ps-oh, the house and parking lot are about 100 feet away from each other.