so, every now and then i like to back away from the strangeness of l.a and take pictures of houses and things that are just simple and nice.
like this house.
i drive by it almost every day, and it always strikes me as a perfect little hill-perched mid-century house with awesome little dr seuss plants in it’s tiny driveway.
someday my hope is that i’ll actually get invited in to one of these houses so that i won’t just feel like some creepy house stalker.
most of the houses in the hollywood hills present fairly tough phalanx-like facades to the street, but they open up with walls of glass to the gigantic views.
but as i’m a creepy house stalker i usually only get to take pictures of the phalanx-like facades.
granted, they’re nice facades, but someday maybe someone will let me into their house to actually take pictures of the parts of the houses that don’t look like bunkers.
but as for this house: as i said, i drive by it almost every day and i think it’s a perfect little mid-century house.
more than that i can’t say (or, well, write).
like, per usual: i don’t know who designed it, nor do i know if it has an amazing, storied past.
although as this is the land of make-believe let’s pretend it was designed by pierre koenig and that jimi hendrix and aldous huxley used to live here together in a late 60’s acid fueled version of the odd couple.
oh, and have a good weekend.
if you go to coachella make sure to bring sun block or a big floppy hat (not for late 80’s rave fashion, for sun protection).