as an issue-laden and self-involved new yorker now living in l.a i of course go to therapy.
the other day while en route to therapy i passed this remarkable church in studio city (which is, technically, the valley, although my friends who live in studio city are loathe to admit it).  i had 10 minutes free before therapy so i swung into the parking lot and stopped to take some pictures of this remarkable little modern church.  and there, hidden in the midst of it’s remarkable-ness, were some equally remarkable and odd mosaics depicting things like, for example, ‘the first murder’.

so, here are some pictures of this remarkable modern church and ‘the first murder’ mosaic.
and oh, i tried to find out some information about the church, specifically who might’ve designed it, but all i learned on the google was that there’s a 3 year waiting list to get married in the church.  at least according to the google.

so, in conclusion: nice architecture, nice and odd mosaics, and a 3 year waiting list to get married.
all in all it was an educational 10 minutes in the parking lot pre-therapy.