yesterday i was running like a crazyperson to meet a friend for dinner and i was on a random side street in hollywood and i passed this oddball ‘alexander: ruler of the world’ apartment house and i had to stop and take a couple of pictures. (by the way, a key to bad writing: use ‘and’ as often as possible in the same sentence, that way your writing will sound like a 7 year old’s ‘what i did last summer’ essay…and then jimmy and i went to the pool and it was fun and jimmy ate french fries and then he threw up and then i went home and i had green beans and then i watched tv and and and.  you get the point).

so: ‘alexander: ruler of the world’.
i don’t have much to say about the ‘alexander: ruler of the world’ apartment house except that:
a-it’s random.
b-it’s awesome.
c-it’s very colorful.
d-someone clearly went to a lot of effort to spruce up their otherwise banal apartment building.
e-there are greeks in l.a.

if my goal in this blog was to ‘document significant and important architecture’ then clearly i’d be falling short.
but my goal is to ‘document the random and at times beautiful weirdness of los angeles’.
and ‘alexander: ruler of the world’ apartment house is random and weird and beautiful if you’re willing to have very broad criteria for establishing something as beautiful.
coming next: i’m going to try and find something a bit more conventionally architecturally significant than autobody shops and pink apartment houses.