a few things:

1-have a nice weekend.

2-the other day i was driving on a side street in hollywood and i found my new favorite building in l.a. i mean, i’m sure tomorrow i’ll find another new favorite building, but for today this is my new favorite building. it’s an apartment building (with vacancies, at least according to the sign), and intentionally or unintentionally it’s been almost completely subsumed into/by the surrounding trees and vines and plants. i know that some smart, fancy, modern architects talk about livingbreathing buildings, and people are designing buildings that incorporate plant life into the fabric of the building. and all that is great. but i can’t help but guess that this (or angkor wat) was the prototype for the living breathing building trend.
or maybe it’s just a vine and tree covered building hidden on an odd little side street in hollywood.
in any case it’s amazing.
i even snuck into the courtyard to take a picture. so the picture that looks like the courtyard is, in fact, the courtyard.
sometimes i just like to state the obvious.
ok, as i said in ‘1’, have a nice weekend.
here’s the angkor wat apartment house (to be clear, it’s not actually the angkor wat apartment house, it just reminded me of angkor wat. and no, i’ve never seen angkor wat in person, i’m just trying to sound fancy).