one of my favorite buildings in grimy hollywood is the robert burman designed 7th day adventist church.

architecturally it’s kind of remarkable, as it’s equal parts urban mid century concrete bunker and lavender hued space ship hovering over the freeway.

i’m going to be an architecture nerd for a second and point out the similarities (well, in the windows) to corbusiers ronchamp church.

i’m also going to write briefly about the homeless man who hung out with me while i was taking these pictures.

him: you taking pictures of the purple church?
me: yup.
him: can you give me a dollar? i need some ritz crackers.
me: of course, here you go.
him: hey, are you moby?
me: yup, i am.
him: hey! i’m the guy you write your songs about!
me: ok.
him: i’m the song cracker. the guy in the songs. don’t forget!
me: i won’t. ok, bye.
him: remember, i’m the song guy! they write the songs about me!
me: i won’t forget.
him: remember, purple church song guy!
me: ok, take care, see you later.

so, all in all a good day of architecture picture taking, as i got to take pictures of the concrete bunker lavender spaceship church and i got to contribute to the ritz cracker fund of the purple church song guy.

this is exactly what i saw myself doing with my adult life.