ok, now maybe this is my relatively pointless architecture blog, #5?

oh, to clarify: i’m not saying the architecture is relatively pointless, i’m merely suggesting that my blog is relatively pointless. the architecture is anything but pointless, it’s great, even when it’s banal and mundane. it’s my blogging that is relatively pointless. or so i believe. i guess i should work on my syntax.

today i’ve decided to go for something a bit more (read: very) obvious. the esteemed and storied (in both senses of the word) castillo del lago.
or, as it’s still referred to, even though she moved out a while ago,: ‘madonna’s house’.
or, by the old timers: ‘bugsy siegel’s house’.

i have no idea who lives there now, but they did have the decency to paint over madonna’s pink stripes and return the structures to what they were like in the early 20th century (or so i’m assuming).

so, here are some pictures i took yesterday afternoon of castillo del lago, which is arguably one of the coolest and grandest houses in l.a. i’m sure it’s modeled after some remarkable european castle, but in my ignorance i have no idea which one. it’s very big and beautiful and it will probably be called ‘madonna’s house’ for the next 50 years or so.