ok, l.a architecture blog #4. at least i think it’s #4. counting isn’t my strong suit, even if the numbers are less than 5.

so, today’s first house is the opposite of yesterdays house.

yesterday was marcel breuer and clean, crisp, concrete lines with only the tiniest bit of entropy. and today’s first house is the poster child for entropy in l.a. an amazing old house that has, i’m guessing, unintentionally blended almost completely into it’s environment.

at one point it might’ve been a fairly grand l.a country house, nestled into the bucolic hills. but then a few years passed and it became a fairly grand l.a country house completely subsumed by the bucolic hills. in person it’s actually a bit less chaotic than it appears in these pictures. but it’s still pretty chaotic and fantastic.

the second house (and 3rd picture) is one of my favorite mid-century houses in l.a. i’m not sure if it’s a noted mid-century house or if it’s a case-study house, but it’s a beautiful and beautifully proportioned perfect little mid-century house nestled beneath the o.d in the hollywood sign.